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Waste Oil Heaters and Air conditioners accessories for Sale from UK supplier of brands like Xaram, Hiton or Ferono


Heaters Accessories

Heaters Accessories for Sale - will fit most of the brands advertised on our site

Air Conditioner...

Air Conditioner Accessories for sale from UK supplier

Fan Accessories

Fan accessories from UK supplier.

450mm External gravity fan shutter

£ 46.50

500mm External gravity fan shutter

£ 57.00

Stainless steel pipe 130mm

£ 27.00

Ferono FR -150 is a high performance liquid speed controller , you can use it to control the switching on , off and speed of the motor through stepless voltage change .Adjustment is done using thyristor.

£ 22.00

130mm galvanised steel adjustable elbow 45-90 Degree

£ 17.50

130mm Stainless steel chimney cowl

£ 15.99

A complete set of chimney 5m x Φ 130mm + visor + adjustable elbow

£ 255.00
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