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Waste Oil Heaters, Oil furnaces and Space Heaters that generate free heat by recycling used oil on site


Diesel Space Heaters

The heaters can be used as the main heat source or as an additional source of heat for faster heat up of the heated room. The heaters without a flue perfectly suited to the open or well-ventilated spaces such as factories, warehouses, workshops or construction sites. OUR HEATERS come from fresh supply from KOREA - MUCH BETTER IN COMPARISON WITH CHINESE heaters.

Infrared Space Heaters

Oil infrared heater heats up quickly exactly in the place you have directed without forced air movement. Perfect for drying out walls or paint, thawing machines or installations as well as heating jobs.

Flue Kit And...

To increase the efficiency of heaters air economizer should be used. Economizer can recover up to 40% of heat escaping to the chimney. In addition it will allow us to heat other rooms. The heated air flows through the fan, air duct is sent to other rooms.

Waste Oil Heaters

Waste oil heaters are designed to heat industrial premises, not covered by the central heating system (workshops, automotive, industrial buildings, warehouses, inventory buildings, basements, garages, etc.). The stove can run on most oils of mineral and vegetable oil for example .: engine, transmission, fuel oil, diesel, oils of HBO I, II and III of viscosity not exceeding SAE 80 oils from gastronomy.

Heaters + Stainless...

Heaters with flue kits

Heaters + Recuperators...

Heaters with flue kits and recuperators in order to increase the efficiecy of the heater by 30%

Electric Over Door Heater

The over door heater is designed for use above frequently opened doors, to limit the loss of heated air and the ingress of cold air. Typical installations in shops, entrance halls, and workshop/warehouse doors

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